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The above video is a virtual walk-through of the PanelForm building system.


PanelForm is an innovative, cost-effective, and lightweight interlocking building system that creates a permanent formwork. Ideal for all construction enterprise.

The system was developed by Paul Blazevic, a Master Builder and MBA Award winner of 1999.

Get to know the inventor! You can join Paul Blazevic on LinkedIn HERE.


PanelForm is an evironmentally efficient product - panels are produced from a recyclable high-impact polystyrene.

The building system can save up to 75% construction time, is up to 45% cheaper than conventional methods and is highly adaptable - allowing a finishing of any colour, texture, graphic design or shape.

The system also has a 5 hour fire-rating*.


PanelForm's applications are diverse; the product can be used to build retaining walls, factories, multi-story buildings, columns, roofs, slabs, damns, bridges, crash barriers, swimming pools, floating structures, water tanks, silos, shafts, tunnels, piping, canals, suspended ceilings, partitions etc.

All PanelForm structures are self-insulated and water resistant.


The PanelForm building system has been tested and approved by CSIRO.

"The PanelForm concept appears to be a simple, yet an effective revolutionary formwork system... It could give the user an advantage in time and cost." - CSIRO.

For more information, regarding both the PanelForm building system and CSIRO report please download our brochure HERE.