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PanelForm is an award-winning product from Australia known for its innovative self-supporting permanent formwork system.
Made of high-impact polystyrene resin with 6mm thick faces, this product offers a unique construction solution.
Once filled with concrete, the 6mm skin transforms into the permanent skin of the structure, providing durability and strength.
One of the key features of PanelForm is its integration of joining walls, which adds to its structural integrity.
The product is steel reinforced and filled in-situ, making it highly resilient to damage.
This quality makes PanelForm particularly suitable for use in hazardous areas or locations prone to natural disasters.
In addition to its strength and durability, PanelForm is also eco-friendly. The material used in the product can be recycled,
reducing environmental impact. Moreover, in certain applications, walls can be filled with alternative materials such as sand,
rocks, or earth, or left hollow. This flexibility allows for reusability of the walls in different projects or applications.
Overall, PanelForm stands out as a versatile and sustainable construction solution that combines innovation with environmental consciousness.

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